Gay Bathhouse Literature Now Teaching Tool

Mixed in with the multi-pronged attack Progressives are staging on society is their takeover of our education system.  As America battles with left-wing ‘educators’ and their agenda of indoctrination, Canada’s school system finds itself deeply ensconced in the New Age muck.

Canadians know the tribulations of one Jessie Sansone, the Ontario father who unexpectedly found himself in handcuffs when he tried to pick his daughter up from school.  His home was ransacked by cops, his child taken away by Protective Services, his wife interrogated, all for an inexcusable crime:  his daughter drew a gun in class.

The fallout caused even more controversy.  As seems habitual, defenders of the teacher who blew the whistle on Sansone made things worse by suggesting that teachers were, in effect, ‘co-parents’ of our children.

Nobody accidentally reveals their true nature more than progressives when they’re slapping together ham-handed excuses for inexcusable behaviour, and certainly no group is more hypocritical.

The latest scandal involving our esteemed educators also originates from Ontario (something in the water?).  Sun News has revealed that a classroom in Delta alternative school had gay soft-porn information brochures posted on the wall – since at least last October.

The brochures, which begin with ‘If You Like to Fuck…’ in bright pink letters and describe in detail how men can safely perform oral sex on each other, are meant to be available in gay bars and bathhouses.  Yet here they were, available to kids in Grades 7 & 8.

The school reportedly removed all such ‘literature’ from their premises only after the news broke.  The teacher in question was ordered to work from home.  Neither the so-called ‘occasional’ teacher in question nor the school’s principle – the one person ultimately responsible – has faced any kind of official reprimand as of yet.

Parents have grown accustomed to dealing with the usual suspects of agenda that teachers regularly throw at hour kids: environmental hysteria, anti-capitalism, na├»ve multi-culturalism, etc. 

Now, we are faced with a mindset that says it is not okay for your kid to draw a gun in class because it will distract attention away from the real important lesson of the day: teaching 13 year old boys how to give a proper blowjob. 

Either there is little to no oversight by school administrators in regards to what their teachers are teaching, or they are fully knowledgeable and accepting of the progressive narrative.  Fake astonishment when presented with information that such age-inappropriate material is being taught to our children rings hollow.

Whether or not sex education should be taught in our schools is a valid topic for discussion, perhaps more so is the methods by which such information is taught.

While I agree that the topic of human sexuality is acceptable in the classroom, this indicates the pendulum has swung too far.  Our kid’s teachers have gone beyond explaining the biological and health aspects and are now all but encouraging our pre-teens and teenagers to have sex.

The expected ‘they are going to do it anyway’ excuse has already been flying.  What a wonderful way for adults to avoid responsibility.  While it is true that some kids at that age are sexually active, it is wrong to assume all are. 

Our kids should be told the truth: not having sex is a perfectly acceptable choice.  And, despite the encouragement of the odd ‘occasional teacher’, so is not being gay.

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