Breaking the Culture of Corruption and Arrogance

Criticism of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government isn’t uncommon. For any real conservative, the laundry list of progressive policies and unethical moves provides more than enough fodder to work from.

However, perhaps the way the Redford government annoys Albertans the most is in their arrogant manner. Since snatching victory in last year’s provincial election – before that, actually – the P.C. group has engaged in a method of confrontation and disrespect.

From verbally insulting old, dying men at doorsteps during the election campaign to the ‘take it and like it’ attitude around issues like municipal relations, rights-infringing duplicate drunk-driving laws, and contract negotiations with the province’s doctors and other health care professionals, Alison Redford’s Progressive government reeks of ‘we know what’s best for you’ conceit.

Icing on the proverbial cake is being told repeatedly that we, the citizens of Alberta, actually asked for consecutive deficits, debt, and laws that seize personal property without being charged with a crime - ‘…Albertans have told us…’.

No government member has done more to perpetuate this negative image than Deputy Premier Thomas ‘Don’t Call Me Mr. Brotzel’ Lukaszuk. Fighting with a senior at election time, looking down his nose at Edmonton’s Mayor Stephen Mandel in a post State of the City interview with the media, engaging in pissing contests with bloggers, etc., has made Lukaszuk the perfect poster boy for the Holier-than-thou Progressives.

Even minor league P.C. MLAs fumble and stumble along, trying their best to learn the trick of arrogance in deflecting attention away from a horribly mismanaged government.

One of the many broken promises contained in last month’s provincial budget saw a scaling-back of Sherwood Park’s long-promised and already started new hospital. Faced with the expected outrage, the best that local P.C. MLAs Cathy Olesen and Dave Quest could muster was a ham-handed attempt at creating silver linings, promises to keep pushing for a real hospital, and of course the required ‘they would be worse’ shot at the opposition Wildrose.

This is a party that publicly downplays and disrespects the successes of their own former leader Ralph Klein, suggesting his policies weren’t nearly as great as many Albertans know they were, then upon his passing last week trip all over themselves to lavish praise on his memory. Spurious sentiment. Spurious people.

The culture of corruption and arrogance is offensive to Albertans. We like to think of a government working for us, not one tells us how we think. With their current habit of breaking promises and making enemies in every area of the province, the backlash against the Redford regime will only continue to grow.

Perhaps it’s time for a common-man to run, someone who will stand up in the Legislature and say what Albertans think.

Maybe it is time for a new face to shake things up and help put Alberta back on the right track, someone who will offer the people of Sherwood Park something more than double-talk and lame excuses for government failure.

Someone like an outspoken political writer, perhaps.


Albertagirl said...

Here here!! I'm in for supporting that person 100%... point the way, my boots are strapped on.

Albertagirl said...

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