Another Unscientific Yet Very Telling Poll

Immediately following Speaker Gene Zwozdesky's cover-up decision regarding Alison Redford and the Great Tobacco Lawsuit, I conducted a simple poll to see what Albertans on the online street thought of the current issues surrounding the government.

Do you agree with Speaker Zwozdesky that Premier Redford did not mislead the Legislature?

Yes: 5%   No: 89%   Unsure/Don't know: 6%

Do you believe Lynn Redford, AHS employee and sister of the Premier, should testify at the Health Care Inquiry?

Yes: 80%   No: 8%  Unsure/Don't know: 12%

Should loopholes that allow one donor to make large contributions to a political party be closed?

Yes: 95%   No: 3%   Unsure/Don't know: 2%

Do you believe it was Alison Redford's decision to suspend Gary Mar?

Yes: 100%   No: 0%   Unsure/Don't know: 0%

Should Premier Alison Redford voluntarily step aside until an independent ethics/conflict of interest investigation is undertaken?

Yes: 82%   No: 16%  Unsure/Don't know: 2%

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