If Only Someone Had Said Something. Oh, Wait...

I told you so.
That may disappoint some of you who believed me to be above that level (it’s about time you were straightened out, by the way), but this one time I feel completely justified in my overt arrogance.
During last spring’s Alberta election, during the beginning of a scandal involving Alberta Health Services, I brought forward some information that raised some questions regarding Premier Alison Redford and her sister, AHS staff member Lynn Redford:  http://www.themoderateseparatist.com/2012/03/health-care-inquiry-choice-of-first.html
Given the fact that there were serious issues being raised regarding the relationship between the P.C. government and the AHS, as well as the then-pending inquiry which many Albertans felt was a non-serious showpiece instead of the desired full-on investigation, you would have thought the provincial media – you know, the ‘real’ journalists – would have picked up on it.  Perhaps made a phone call or two.  Sent an email.  Anything.  Hello?
But barely a whisper was heard from our big city newspapers.  In fact, the small but vocal calls in the online world for some dirt-digging fell on silent ears.
Instead of following what should be a natural lead, namely sisters on either side of a cuddly government relationship with the provincial health authority, tubs of ink and segments of airtime was devoted to much more pressing and vital issues, like years-old religious sermons and unsubstantiated ‘change of conscience’ claims from an unknown blogger, a woman who calls herself ‘Kikki’ yet expects not to have her credibility questioned.
Right when a possible conflict of interest issue is uncovered, during an election campaign of all times, the media instead decided to inflate what many believe to be nothing more than a strawman issue meant to distract from an obviously corrupt Progressive Conservative government.
Now we find ourselves less than one year into an Alison Redford term, one that has already become known for scandals, mistakes, missteps, and embarrassing blunders.  It is a shame that the evidence of deeper malfeasance wasn’t studied when it mattered most.

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