Friday Night Character Assassinations

Alberta is in the midst of a unique time in our political history.  For the first time since they rose to power, the ruling Progressive Conservatives are facing a strong and skilled Official Opposition in the Wildrose party, and along with the ‘culture of corruption’ that has infected Alison Redford’s government, is watching its public credibility plummet.
As lie after lie and scandal after scandal fill the airwaves, each taking another piece out of the once-unsinkable P.C. ship, Premier Redford has shown Real Life Leadership by virtually disappearing from sight.  Only a handful of P.C. M.L.A.s have stepped up to run cover for their battle scarred leader.
You can usually tell the level of anxiety from a group by their method of handling problems.  With P.C. talking heads trying hard to throw the issue onto the opposition parties, you can tell this group is in full panic mode.  They haven’t figured a way out of this self-made noose.
As first exposed on this site, questions regarding the expenses of Alberta Health Services staff member – and Premier Redford’s sister - Lynn Redford have still gone unanswered.  Questions regarding a possible breech of conflict of interest rules over the sweetheart deal given to Allie’s ex-hubby lawyer and his firm for a lucrative tobacco cash cow are met with a mix of silence and flimsy deflection attempts.
The general public awaits answers to some very serious questions, and what do we get from our government members?  Last-minute cancellations of press conferences, ignoring questions in media scrums, and lame-ass quips about Opposition members engaging in ‘character assassination’.
Sorry guys, but this ain’t going to fly this time.  The old sweater is unraveling under the pressure of an effective opposition, one that has seen the left and the right work together across party lines in order to hold a corrupt government accountable.
While they stay focused on turning on the lights and making the cockroaches scramble (sunlight is the best disinfectant), I’ll do the 'character assassinations' around here, thank you.  And I’ll start with…
Ric McIver.  The P.C. M.L.A. once thought of as the ‘token conservative’ in the Red Regime has now devolved into a generic progressive apologist.  Rumor has it, he’s the one you threw out the ‘character assassination’ accusation.  A growing number of Calgarians who had supported his bid for the Mayor’s chair now ask ‘remember when Ric was conservative?’…
Then there’s everyone’s favorite indecipherable egomaniac, Thomas Lukaszuk.  When the Deputy Premier/Minister Without a Cause isn’t spending his free time kicking some serious ass at the Boardwalk Retirement Community, or stuck in front of the mirror juggling cans of Bed Head, the Frank Nitti to Redford’s Capone can be heard assuring voters that any and all allegations that the Progressive Conservative government and Alberta’s main stream media are in bed together are completely and totally false.  (Stacey Brotzel was unavailable for comment.)
Now a quick memo to Calgary-Acadia M.L.A. and Solicitor General Jonathan Denis: with this out there, you can’t say anything about the ethics of others.  Just sayin’…
Finally, the Premier.  Alison Redford, who came to power through a back door held open by the Teacher’s union and won an election by spinning the opponents into the ground, has now forever shattered any good image she may have had.  Always will she be thought of as corrupt and untrustworthy, a Nanny-statist who arrogantly snickers and snorts at the slightest of questions from ‘the people’.  A ‘leader’ who believes it is the duty of the government to dictate a culture to its people.  A ‘leader’ who does not see it as a conflict of interest if she is the one doing it.  Well, Allie, it goes without saying that your cred is pretty much shit right now.  The multiple screw-ups are bad enough, but what Albertans truly find offensive is the repeated failures to come clean when the opportunity is there. 
‘Fuck’, indeed.

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