Election 2012: A View From Above

One of the most appealing shared traits of the scores of Americans have met is their disdain for ‘outsiders’ who freely voice their opinion on domestic matters. I rarely respect this view, mind you, but I do admire it.

In a situation such as this, where you have Canadians directly and indirectly affected by the direction of the American government merely by being so closely positioned in the American sphere of influence, it is only natural that many Canucks would become politically aware and closely follow the happenings down South.

So here we go. The presidential election is only a few days away, and as far as this pro-American outsider is concerned, the main issue isn’t who will or should win the race. The glaring topic of focus is, how could so many seemingly astute and educated Americans still intend to vote for the incumbent?

Maybe it’s because the Cult of Obama grows weaker the farther away you are from the source, or perhaps it’s just a question of a different perspective.

It is beyond any conventional reasoning that a normal person would even consider marking their ‘X’ next to the name of a president who allegedly knew of an impending terrorist attack, refused/reversed an order to assist an Ambassador and staff, let them die, watched it happen live on television, and then lied about it by blaming a cheap video no one even knew about and accusing an innocent filmmaker/patsy (who is still in jail on some trumped-up ‘breach of probation’ bullshit).

A terror attack on an embassy in Benghazi just killed four Americans, Mr. President. What are you going to do? “I’m goin’ to Vegas!”

And the next night, he did.

Now, keep in mind that there are other issues. The complete and total failure of Obama’s economic policies have entrenched debt into the lives of many generations to come. His anti-business message has become more pronounced as his term has gone on. The ‘you didn’t build that’ mantra is a pure indication of his socialist agenda.

He doubled-down on failure with this thumbs-down to the Keystone XL pipeline, dropping the ball on the economic playing field as well as snubbing America’s closest neighbor and biggest trading partner – Canada. Canada, to its credit, has refused to let Obama’s failures determine our direction as Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has reacted to Obama’s snub by expanding our trade horizons.

If Obama doesn’t want oil from an ethical ally and instead wants to continue importing blood oil from the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, then the Chinese will surely be interested in product from our oilsands.

But it is important to remember that the Benghazi scandal isn’t the first time Obama’s mistakes have cost lives. Questions still abound regarding Fast and Furious and the death of Border agent Brian Terry.

Practically a full term in office and Americans do not know anything more about their president than they knew when he first stepped into the Oval Office. His background remains murky, as does our perception of who is really calling the shots behind the scenes.

If anything has been learned, it is that Barack Obama has proven to be, at best, an ideological idealist but amateur in office who lacks any real intelligence or substance, and at worst, a sockpuppet for those with an agenda. His record on the economic and domestic fronts alone should be enough to send him packing.

But Obama made the choice to ignore calls for help at Benghazi, and let four people die. Morally bankrupt are those who would vote for him.

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