Free Speech Sacrificed On Altar of 'Tolerance'?

I have never prescribed to the theory of ‘white guilt’. As a born and raised Canadian, I have never felt the need or saw the logic in believing in this manufactured concept, and certainly have never allowed myself to accept any kind of phantom responsibility for the perceived actions of others.

Yet enough liberal Caucasians have bought into the farce that it has become a pillar of our so-called multi-cultural society. According to the progressive left, in order for a multi-ethnic society to exist, we must believe that all races, religions, and cultures are compatible.

Naturally, this is an unworkable notion that borders on the ridiculous. Anyone who has been paying attention understands that fundamental Islam will not work within the confines of a free and open society. Something must give, and courtesy of the tools of white guilt, political correctness, and the leftist definition of ‘tolerance’, the items on the chopping block include such sacred cows as America’s First Amendment.

Where America once had a president in Ronald Reagan who proudly held up American exceptionalism, the current president’s entire foreign policy revolves around apologizing for it.

In Canada, we are bearing witness to the fruits of 30+ years of ill-conceived labour. The multi-cultural idea has become a part of our national identity in the minds of Progressives. “It’s part of what makes Canada, Canada. It’s one of our proudest achievements” said one of my closest leftwing friends.

In reality, the ‘achievement’ has been the creation of recognizable immigrant areas in our major cities – a form of segregation that is a natural progression of encouraging new Canadians to ‘keep their old country customs’ instead of accepting traditional Canadian values.

Another ‘achievement’ has been the establishment of kangaroo courts known as ‘Human Rights Commissions’. These affronts to decency have been used virtually exclusively as a weapon to shut down the freedoms of speech and expression. They are nothing more than the Brown-shirts of the politically correct movement, working to crush any opposing view.

Years of wondering down the nefarious path of multi-culturalism has brought us to the point where Muslim leaders and Arab presidents are warning the West to limit our freedom of speech in order to appease Muslim sensibilities. We hear the all-too-rare voice of a ‘moderate’ Muslim speaking out – not against those who we are told are defaming and bastardizing the Qur’an, but instead suggesting that North Americans accept the limitation of freedoms so as to avoid any more attacks on our soil.

Anti-Israel ads can be found coast-to-coast in both Canada and the U.S., and not surprisingly, with no reports of vandalism. Pro-Israel ads placed by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative in New York, however, were defaced in almost record time, most notably (but not surprisingly) by leftwing Muslim activist Mona Eltahawy.

Since her arrest for taking a can of pink spray-paint to one of the posters, Eltahawy has been rambling non-stop to the media with justifications and excuses for her act of vandalism. But what this one instance has brilliantly exposed is the fatal flaw of multi-culturalism. All it takes is for one of the ingredients not to be compatible with the mix and the entire recipe is ruined.

Mona Eltahawy’s actions are natural for followers of Islam as well as for progressives. No other opinions are allowed, and must be shut down no matter the method – by paint, Human Rights Nazi’s, or by suicide bomber. No matter. The goal is the same.

The question we face is how many of our founding principles, traditions, beliefs, and freedoms are we willing to sacrifice on the altar of ‘tolerance’, and when will we realize it has all been just a strawman?

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