Arab Spring's Inevitable Outcome

As we watch the ‘hope’ of the Arab Spring disappear, it isn’t the mobs of bloodthirsty jihadists that grabs my attention. That was a given since before the ‘uprisings’. No, it’s the shock and surprise from the new age leftists that is the interesting story here.

The mirage known as the ‘Facebook revolution’ has become distasteful reality for the new-age leftist set. Those who proclaimed that democracy was on the march in Egypt, Libya, etc. are currently dealing with a huge slap of reality.

It’s nothing new for soft-headed progressives, to be sure.

Prog pundits and even the media were exalting the protestors, and more than once claimed that this was a ‘battle for freedom’ with democracy as the endgame.

Many of us knew that was bullshit. Anyone who understands that such concepts as real democracy, capitalism, and individual freedom are completely unacceptable in true Muslim nations knew this. Those ideas are seen by followers of Islam as ‘Western’, ‘American’, and therefore ‘Christian’. They run counter to Islam.

What is happening this week, including the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, is horrific and thoroughly unconscionable. And it is not at all unexpected.  It is the inevitable result of Obama's foreign policy.

Ultimately, the outcome of the mislabelled Arab Spring has been the replacement of bad leaders with worse ones. Gone are the highly corrupt and power-hungry dictators, replaced by radical Islamic psychopaths and other friends and members of the Muslim Brotherhood (aka Friends of Obama).

It was clearly Freudian that, in the midst of the Libyan madness, Obama chose to high-tail it to Las Vegas on a campaign stump. His true ideology is showing. In fact, one could say that this is the first actual documented case of Barack Obama keeping his word. In his sophomoric autobiography he claimed that if the shit came down, he’d stand with the Muslims. Well, the shit is coming down and Obama is staying true to those words.

In fact, only after Republican candidate Mitt Romney made a statement on the tragedy did Obama step up to the microphone. This, after his own administration apologized to the killers, which in turn forced a rapid backtrack that would have made Michael Moore jealous.

This brings us to the ignorant left and their media. Stunned at the events in the Mideast and desperate to wipe the egg off their collective faces, the air has been full of attacks on …. Mitt Romney. (I guess even the most devoted Progs couldn’t justify blaming Bush for this one.)

Wilfully ignoring overwhelming evidence – not to mention the truth, the Progs are spending their time criticizing Romney for issuing his statement. As a former U.S. ambassador stated, Romney was ‘wrong’ for speaking out on the issue before the President. While that is probably correct from the standpoint of protocol, in reality the question must be returned: how long would we have had to wait for Obama to say something? Anything?

Waiting for an example of leadership from Barack Obama is a fool’s journey. It only reveals itself in quips and sound bites, and then only when forced. Either Barack Obama is in way over his head, or he is internally sympathetic with the Islamic killers. Either one is bad news for the free world.

I am reminded of an advertisement from the American Freedom Defense Initiative which states: ‘In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.’ Perfectly put. We know who the ‘civilized’ and the ‘savage’ are. We must now also add the ‘useful idiots’ category which includes America’s current pro-Shariah president who has enabled all of this to happen.

Roll on, November.

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