Churches Going Green and Other Various Rants

Quick rants to begin the week...

- Many stories lately regarding the United Church, from its extroverted environmentalist policies to its dwindling membership. What is odd is that United leaders cannot recognize the link between the two. Stunning is the claim by Retired United Church minister David Ewart in a Sun article that, while followers are expected to follow lock-step in the environmental march, no requirement is made for ‘believers’ to acknowledge Jesus as their Savior: “there is no such thing as a final statement of doctrine." Perhaps former United Church members came to the conclusion that they could get similar hour-long ‘green sermons’ at home by watching David Suzuki on the CBC.

- The Quebec provincial election campaign is in full swing, and there are aspects similar to the recent Alberta battle. The incumbents are running on a horrible record replete with various scandals and bad-optic issues. The opposition is currently leading in the polls, but is looked upon with suspicion by intended voters. The difference, of course, is that if the separatist PQ return to power after many years, the inevitable referendum chatter will also return. Beyond the usual Yes/No question next time around, one issue will be the attitude of Canadian outside of la belle province. How many of these sideshows are we expected to care about? If the Parti Quebecois is victorious and a referendum follows, how about we all agree that it will be the last one? Either vote to stay (and sign the Constitution), or just leave already. Enough is enough.

- Speaking of Alberta, one gets the impression that there is an underground swelling of voter’s remorse. The over-40 year reign of the Progressive Conservatives was given a continuance this past spring, and so were the scandals. Alberta Health Services and the waste of taxpayer dollars is the focal point. Minister of Health, Fred Horne is unbelievably still in charge. The former Minister responsible for this mess is long gone, after not standing for re-election. And there’s still a question about what, if any, expenses AHS employee (and our Premier’s sister) Lynn Redford may have claimed.

- The choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate has riveted the American political scene. Obamaites are scrambling to fabricate any negatives they can against him, while conservatives are ecstatic over his inclusion on the GOP ticket. Makes sense. Not only is Ryan intelligent and charismatic, but the thought of a Ryan-Biden debate conjures up favorable expectations of a one-sided annihilation. While that may be a topic for conjecture, one thing is for sure: the possibility of a Romney/Ryan administration has America’s allies breathing a little easier today.

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