SlutWalk Exposed

The failure of Canadian feminist groups to condemn an Ontario Islamic Cleric for his shockingly sexist comments has drawn much criticism, and rightfully so. As pointed out by many, the same ‘strong independent women’ who a few years ago organized what turned into the international protests called ‘Slut Walk’ in reaction to the ill-spoken words of an Ontario police officer have chosen to ignore the latest verbal assault.

Of course, this is pure hypocrisy.

Scanning both the traditional and new media, the only thing resembling a response I have come across is a rumour of one SlutWalk honcho telling the Sun to ‘fuck off’. That and a Twitter posting from someone attempting to explain the ‘other side’ (it’s unknown if this person is affiliated with SlutWalk):

The penchant some people have for double-standards is astounding. A city cop with little influence gives his opinion about crimes against women and offended females fill the streets, but when someone representing a religion suggests a ‘dress code’ for women so as to prevent men from losing control and committing rape, then goes on to say women who break that code should be arrested, the feminists pour their energies into formulating lame excuses for their lack of outrage.

You would have thought there’d be at least a little splash-back over the Cleric’s claim that the women of Islam ‘never’ get raped ‘because they cover up’.

But, no. Instead, they stay silent.

This has become the norm for the activist left. While they repeat the mantra of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’, the truth is they habitually pick the low hanging fruit.

In reality, a religious preacher stands to influence many more people than a cop. The words of the cleric potentially carry far more weight. What the SlutWalkers will never admit is the truth for their avoidance of the issue.

The Ontario cop is white. The Islamic cleric is not.

It seems the activist left have become entangled in the very chains of political-correctness they have long tried to bind the whole of society with. In a moment of complete honesty and clarity, one of the marching feminists would have to admit the words of the street preacher were as offensive, if not even more offensive, than those of the police officer.

The cop never called for laws. He never called for women who wore short skirts or went braless to be arrested.

But because these enlightened females fear being tarnished with the label of ‘racist’, they decide to put their P.C. image over the rights they so strenuously claim to promote. It is easier to launch a full-scale protest attack against some (white) cop than it is to speak out against the ongoing physical and mental abuse suffered by unknown scores of Muslim women around the world – including Canada.

When the modus operandi is to overreact at the easy targets yet ignore the serious issues that would take real courage and conviction to speak out against, credibility is a casualty.

The Islamic Cleric’s overtly sexist statements have done more than just reinforce the dangers that Islam presents to our free and open society. His words have also exposed the blatant hypocrisy that is the modern feminist/SlutWalk movement.  They are they proverbial 'useful idiots'.

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Island Song said...

We need to defend the rights of all Canadians and attack those that would attack them or make our streets unsafe.

That includes fundamentalist religions that would take us back to the middle ages and those that resist the advancements made in human rights.

It also includes those that would accept the enslavement of women rather than offend non-Canadians.

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