Perfect Time for Canada to Reconsider U.N. Membership

Ever since Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won their long-awaited majority in the last Canadian federal election, they have faced criticism from their own, mostly due to bills perceived as indicating a penchant for ‘big brother’ government, as well as from some old Reformers who point out the lack of willingness to capitalize on their majority to introduce Manning-era policies.

So when a member of the government dares to raise an issue that could be seen as apart from the norm, that member deserves the spotlight.  When the issue is something as controversial as Canada’s continued membership in the circus known as the United Nations, the reaction on both sides guarantees attention will be paid.

Ontario backbench Conservative MP Larry Miller wants Parliament to review our involvement in the international body.  Swiftly assumed by opponents of calling for a pull-out, all Miller is suggesting is an analysis and government-level discussion, as is done on a regular basis with other international groups our country has.

I have called before for Canada to reconsider the time, effort, and money spent on an organization that has long-ago lost its way and has morphed into a de-facto global government.  The U.N., which repeatedly self-inflicts damage to their credibility by regularly allowing its committees to be chaired by representatives of the most reprehensible nations on Earth, has recently unloaded a string of criticism directed at Canada.

Launching attacks at a wide array of targets from Canada’s policy in dealing with alleged war criminals and refugees to the U.N. defense of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr to our food quality and distribution systems, the U.N. has set its sights on our nation while turning a blind eye to real and actual atrocities happening right now around the world.

There is a definite lack of priorities when the U.N. sends a ‘special rapporteur’ to spend 11 days‘investigating’ a first-world nation’s food system while back in the office they refuse to condemn the Syrian government for acts of mass murder.

Olivier De Schutter’s ‘findings’ were the expected ramblings from a U.N. socialist, with arrogant and misguided recommendations such as a ‘cola tax’.

The United Nations has become just a rumor of its previous self and shows no traces at all of its original intended purpose.  Voting blocs have hijacked the committee process, radical environmentalism has become the criteria by which all (developed) nations are judged and condemned, and resolutions are discussed virtually ad infinitum only to result in useless and powerless proclamations.

Canada has become somewhat more militant and steadfast at the U.N. in recent years.  Government M.P.s are more critical and outspoken.  Our ambassadorial staff has repeatedly led walk-outs of the General Assembly when some of the loonier, anti-Israel world leaders have ranted at the podium.  We have refused participation in committees chaired by murderers.

M.P. Miller has done more than just a courageous thing by raising Canada’s membership in the United Nations.  With the ever-growing move towards an undemocratic, socialist one-world government with absolute global authority and its own surrogate military in N.A.T.O., he has done the timely thing.

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