While America Toils Canada Enjoys Stable Government

When Canadians finally granted Stephen Harper and his Conservatives the majority election victory they had long sought following two consecutive minority Tory governments, it was more than just the fulfillment of an arduous journey for the nation’s right-wing.

History could show that it was a vital and fortuitous turn of events.

Canada experienced years of Jean Chretien/Paul Martin Liberal rule, due in large part to the lack of coherent opposition.  Conservatives were busy rebuilding, reforming into a single entity.  That, combined with an effective program of personal attacks by the Liberals on both the party leader and the conservative party of the day, handed electoral majorities to a sometimes undeserving Liberal party.

Many figured Canada’s right would be forever lost in the wilderness, their Diefenbaker, Sir John A. MacDonald, Mulroney glory days committed to memory.

But the public began to question the spin.  Stephen Harper’s ‘scary agenda’ image, painted with the leftovers used on Stockwell Day, began to melt away.  The Tories eventually came to power in what could be seen as a probationary period as voters gave back-to-back minority terms as an opportunity to prove themselves.

Eventually the mission was complete and the doubters were silenced, and at a most opportune time.

Harper’s majority comes at a time when our American neighbors are in the midst of flux.  Fulfilling his promise to ‘fundamentally transform’ the nation, President Barack Obama has engaged in a systematic dismantling of American rights, freedoms, and traditions.

I have spent enough time with Americans to know that they, like Albertans, do not take kindly to having ‘outsiders’ giving their uninvited opinion of their business.  Maybe it’s the different perspective from outside the bubble, it could be my American blood, I don’t know.

But from afar we’ve witnessed your President commit your military to combat without your government’s consent.  We’ve seen him assume powers as never before.  We’ve seen him institute government buy-outs of private companies like a storyline from an Ayn Rand novel.

We have seen your President – this one is a favorite of ours – bow down before a Saudi King and tell Canadians our oil isn’t good enough.

We are concerned, with the White House undertaking a program of fundamental change to your country, when we see the current crop of GOP candidates. 

Obama is swiftly morphing America into his ideal Alinsky utopia.  A complicit media has sheltered the White House and has worked hard to keep the general public unaware.  Your nation is in danger of falling past the point of no return, and these are the best your country has to offer?

One of these guys is going to save America?

You need to elect a president who will respect and honor your Constitution, because Cousin, your current one sure doesn’t.

With our largest trading partner and international ally in this situation, alternatively Canada finds itself with a government that has deftly navigated our economy thorough the choppy waters to the admiration of the global community.

The Harper government has moved to strengthen our military while Obama has moved to gut his.  Canada’s Conservatives have gotten tough on illegal immigrants and crime, while Obama challenges States who implement laws designed to deal with the flow.

When Obama turned his nose up at the Keystone XL pipeline, thereby choosing Arab and Venezuelan oil over ethically-produced oil sands bitumen, it would have been a crisis for former Prime Ministers, but not Stephen Harper.

He returned the U.S. President’s middle-finger with a shoulder-shrug and a phone call to China.  If Obama doesn’t want our oil, Asia will. A pipeline south to Texas or west to the Pacific coast, it doesn’t matter to us.

As opposed to previous Conservative P.M’s like Brian Mulroney, Harper manages to maintain a pro-American image while avoiding the label of ‘puppet’.  Accusations of being too friendly to our Southern neighbors ring hollow, partially due to his actions and partially due to a President who is his ideological opposite.

He doesn’t look up to the American President, he looks across at him.

A higher than usual level of U.S. media attention has been focused on Canadian affairs the past few years, much of that to do with our increased presence on the international stage and our acquiring a stronger, more proactive reputation. 

More than one American friend has wished someone like Harper was a GOP candidate. 

The once milque-toast, negotiate and don’t get involved Canada is now the first delegation to lead a walk-out during a speech by Iran’s Ahmadinejad at the United Nations.

Israel, feeling a rift in their relationship with the current Obama administration to the point of abandonment, has seen their alliance and friendship with Canada grow stronger due to the efforts of a very pro-Israel Harper.

The leader of the free world is experiencing an internal test of those very freedoms.  Canadians should feel fortunate to have a strong, stable conservative government in Ottawa.

The idea that Canada could have been led by a Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff Liberal government at a time when America is flirting with radical socialism is shudder-inducing.

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