Real Life Leadership: Attacking Jobs and Family

The way I seem to have been targeted by the Progressive Conservatives the past few months, I'd swear I must have upset them something fierce.

Of course, except for a bunch of Twitter trolls (with the odd reasonable PC supporter here and there) they don't know me from Adam.  But given some of the moves Alison Redford and her staff have made, you'll forgive me for thinking that somewhere in the PC election headquarters there is a picture of me on a dartboard.

First, our Human Rights Lawyer-in-Chief steps up to the mic and defends Chiquita's boycott of our oil sands, of which the industry I work in is allied.  The means by which I support my family gets attacked, and instead of standing up for Alberta's crown jewel, Redford defends the attacker.  Nice.

Now the P.C. sewer-politics machine, chugging along at full steam since the writ was dropped, has focused on my family life.

Amanda Wilke, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Office of the Premier (Southern Alberta Office) and obviously a sweet and charming lady, Tweeted this last night:

Other than this statement being a perfect example of a wavering party jumping with both feet into the gutter, it is the kind of personal attack Alison Redford promised voters wouldn't emanate from her team.  It is also the kind of sleaze the P.C.s have been accusing the Wildrose of engaging in.

But it goes beyond that, and deeper. Wilkie knows Smith. She knows that Smith is a step-parent.  As am I.

So, is Wilkie saying that a step-parent is of less importance than a biological parent?  Is she suggesting that, because Danielle Smith chose to become a mother, that somehow she cannot understand the value and purpose of 'family'?

As someone who chose to be a father to my wife's children, I take offense to this suggestion, and I suspect the other blended families, which make up about 1/3 of all family units, do as well.

First they go for my job, then they attempt to discredit my value as father. 

I wonder what they'll say tomorrow?

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