Jessie Sansone Latest Victim of New Age Schools and Complicit Cops

Imagine for a moment that you are Jessie Sansone: a day like any other, going through the normal routine. You go to pick up your three kids from school and are confronted by a handful of Kitchener, Ontario’ finest.

Your first thought is probably wondering if something awful has happened. You think of your kids – are they okay? Then confusion mixes with panic when you discover the cops are here for you. Now you really worry about the kids.

Any short lived relief you feel is heavily quashed with the weight of unbelief when they inform you of your crime.

Your four-year-old daughter drew a picture of you and a gun. When questioned by staff, the little girl explained the picture: “…he uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.”

You are arrested. Your kids are snatched away and held in the ‘care’ of Child Services. Your wife and kids are interrogated, and not told of why you have been arrested. You are strip searched. Your home is invaded by the police in search of an illegal weapon which they have yet to discover, even though you have already been told you face a weapons charge.

All because a young girl drew a picture of her Daddy protecting her.

Where to begin?

The teacher and school’s actions were completely outrageous. Unfortunately, they are also not surprising. Today’s educators are a breed all of their own. Sharing common DNA with Occupiers, radical environmental cultists, and Che Guevara, they have successfully completed their task of discrediting the historical priorities like basic mathematical and grammar skills to the point of insignificance, and have filled the void with propaganda like An Inconvenient Truth and the evils of freedom. They have assumed parental responsibilities over our children. Mission accomplished.

As one who usually sides with the police, you’d think the responding officers would have a little more common sense. If it were me, my first reaction would be no different than that of Sansone when learning of his crime: You have got to be kidding me. But like in any good Soviet system the cops were complicit and did their duty. They called in the legal and sanctioned kidnappers to haul away the children. They publicly confronted and arrested Jessie Sansone in front of staff, parents and children of whom he knows many. They forever tarnished the reputation of an innocent man.

Then they released him without laying a single charge. Nice work, boys.

I do not know Jessie Sansone, so I can only imagine my demeanor if I were to experience this blatant trampling of my rights. While it is most certain I would react with the customary anger to the point of handing the police sufficient reasons for additional charges, I’d like to think Sansone kept his cool in the midst of the madness, sitting back and baring witness to the results of society’s mix of our New Age education and quick-to-arrest law enforcement systems, all the while dreaming of the lawsuit lottery winnings coming his way topped off with the sweet icing of public apologies.


SMD said...

They also lifted his testicles (in case he had a testicle gun) then had a look up his anus (in case he had an anus gun).
It is not clear if they looked in his ears or up his nose for a concealed weapon. Probably.
Efficient cops there in Canada.
Don't miss a trick.

shalimamma said...

Nice. Seriously... next thing you know, parents will get arrested for their child drawing them with a Lightsaber. Afterall, what if their dad really is on the 'dark side'? The govt nannies have gone so far over the top, there's no logic anymore!!

dzinto said...

No, absolutely nothing is coming his way. The authorities did not violate a single line of code. They sincerely believed they had enough evidence. They did not beat him, did not use excessive force. The wife allowed them into the home. The man later authorized their search, after the fact. He did not request attorney. The authorities today insist that everything was proper.

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