Co-parent? Then Co-pay

In the aftermath of the Jessie Sansone fiasco, we’ve come the point where the guilty parties, namely the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Regional Police force, are mumbling excuses in a desperate attempt to justify their roles in the destruction of a father’s freedom.

The latest blurb which the media has been all over comes courtesy of one Gregg Bereznick, the Superintendent of Education at the Waterloo Region District School Board. In a case of deciding to dig when you have found yourself in a hole, Bereznick said this: "We do work hand-in-hand with these families because we co-parent, so we hope that we could move forward…".

I have long warned that teachers were assuming the roles of parents to our children, and now that has been confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth. Hell, it was practically a confession.

So with that in mind, I encourage all parents who have or had children as students in any Waterloo Region District School to take some time this weekend and figure out some numbers. Dust off the calculator and determine what it has cost you to raise your kids over the years. Housing, toys, education (snicker!), clothes, food, etc. Include it all. Divide it by 2 and you have your final number.

Then send your invoice to:

Gregg Bereznick, Superintendent of Education
c/o: Waterloo Region District School Board
51 Ardelt Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
N2C 2R5
Phone 519-570-0003

If they’re going to assume half of the responsibility, they can assume half of the cost.

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Don Sharpe said...

Let's not forget the costs to you and your family if your children fail. Let's say they don't graduate high school, (heard a rumor that happens) (sometimes...) or worse. Say they commit a crime, need a lawyer, are incarcerated . . ... then released.
I'd like my 'co-parents' to pay 1/2 for the rehabilitation, medical bills, counselling and lawyer fees.
Also 1/2 of the damages for the heartache, shame and anger that your half (back half? front half?) has to endure from the irresponsible actions of your 'educational co-parents'.
This is exactly why I homeschooled my kids for 3 years in the 80's.

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