Public Picks Up Oil Sands Torch

A movement is afoot, one that is as impressive as it is encouraging.

After years of being the target of condemnation by a rag-tag group made up of EnviroNazi’s, millionaire celebrities, and a complicit mass media, defenders of Alberta’s oil sands have finally had enough and are pushing back.

Tired of the misinformation, lies, and mock hysteria that comes with the foreign-funded tree hugging set, people inside and outside of our provincial borders are beginning to speak out. Everyday citizens are lining up behind groups such as Ethical Oil (http://www.ethicaloil.org/), or taking to the keyboard to fight in a battle zone once dominated by the radical left.

People are taking to Twitter and Facebook to show their support for our vital industry. Blog commentaries are on the attack and have been especially effective in uncovering questionable practices by the anti-oil sands mob. Yours truly has taken much enjoyment from pointing out the hypocrisy of certain EnviroCelebs and how their deeds in their private lives don’t match up with their public words.

Premier Redford:
Complete and
total failure.

While I attribute much of the pushback to grassroots Canadians finally reaching their breaking point with regards to being falsely labelled an enemy to the environment, some credit must be reserved for Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

If it wasn’t for the complete and total failure of her government in standing up and defending our oil sands, there certainly wouldn’t be the need for John Q. Public to take matters into his own hands.

We see our Prime Minister and several government M.P.’s speaking out against foreign-funded ‘radicals’ who seem compelled to make a mockery of public hearings over proposed pipelines. Even a member of B.C.’s Liberal government voiced support for the federal Tories over their opposition to groups outside of Canada spending money in the effort to influence our national agenda.

Government politicians, both provincial and federal from across Canada, spoke out in support of a boycott of Chiquita banana in retaliation of that company’s boycott of oil from Alberta.

What is the Alberta government’s history of defending our most important resource?

• Raise the royalty rates to the point some oil companies decide to build next door in Saskatchewan instead;

• Invite far-left Hollywood filmmakers to ‘tour’ the oil sands so that they may be more convincing in their lies (really, James Cameron makes millions from a film called Avatar which is essentially an anti-oil sands story and the government expects him to change his mind?);

• Defend a company that boycotts our oil sands as Alison Redford seemed to do regarding Chiquita.

Right now we have two major pipelines in limbo. The environmentalists are achieving their goal of distorting the truth just enough to cause problems. The current American president, himself a far-left zealot, has chosen the Green side of his base support over the union/jobs side by procrastinating on a decision on Keystone. The Friends of Chavez, Hollywood Chapter a.k.a. Kevin Bacon, Leo Dicaprio, et al, are grabbing headlines in their quest to destroy our economy.

And our provincial government chooses to remain complicit by their silence, deciding instead to take the opportunity to unilaterally implement a social engineering agenda which was never voted on by the public.

As long as Alberta Premier Alison Redford and her Progressive Conservative government fail in its duty to protect Alberta, that job will continue to fall on everyday citizens of the province. Someone has to speak up for Alberta. If they won’t do it, we will.


HurtinAlbertan24 said...

Ile be ur Speaker i got a voice like a lion

Joe Albertan said...

A Premier that doesn't stand up for her province is not a Premier. What a coincedence the people of Alberta did not elect her.

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