P.C. Farewell Tour 2012

Coming soon to a town near you: your very own Progressive Conservative MLA! Whether or not you will actually get a chance to meet, however…

Alberta’s P.C. government MLAs are hitting the road in an effort, as they claim, to hear the concerns of ‘real Albertans’. Unclear is if these meetings will be open to the general public or only to select party members and invitees. That really doesn’t matter, however. The real issue here is people don’t believe them.

Every new policy announcement since Alison Redford was appointed premier has had the tag line “…Albertan’s have told us…”

A backlash against a .05% driving law that makes criminals out of the innocent? It’s for your own good - Albertans have told us. Hike ‘sin’ taxes and float the idea of a PST? We know what’s best for the people - Albertans have told us. Defend a company that boycotts the oil sands? They have a point - Albertans have told us.

Redford: Campaigning
on our dime
 Now the Tories are going into the community to hear what Albertans really have to say. What is interesting is the timing. Redford has already announced that her government will introduce a budget on February 9th, which means it must be pretty much written by now and doesn’t really leave any time for inclusion of ideas the people may have.

So if the purpose of the tour isn’t really to hear what voters have to say, then the reason for the meet-and-greets must be campaigning.

Alison Redford is smart enough to realize that her government is in trouble, and her heavy-handed approach to governance has been criticized by a growing number of Albertans. She won’t do the honorable thing and call an election before handing down her budget, where all the vote-buying treats will be found. If Redford were serious about hearing what Albertans really had to say she could put all of her budget plans into an election platform, let voters compare the P.C. plan against those of the other parties, then make their voices heard at the ballot box.

But Redford won’t do that because she knows that would be political suicide. Without the desperate last-ditch effort to buy votes the 40+ year Tory reign will probably end.

What is even more distasteful to Albertans is the fact that this government campaign tour is being bought and paid for by the taxpayer. In essence, we have a government visiting the four corners of the province, all on the taxpayer’s dime, promoting an upcoming budget chalk full of goodies that will be paid for by you.

Even the best P.C. spin doctors must see how bad the optics look on this one.

What the Alison Redford government is doing is the same thing they’ve been doing for a while: playing Albertans as fools. Their arrogance has blinded them to the fact that we have caught on to their methods. We see the Progressive Conservative government as the bloated, old, corrupt bunch of cronies that they are, and refuse to be sucked in with more feeble promises or bought off with our own money.  We just don't believe the spin anymore.

There is one thing Albertans will tell Tories at their various glad-handing events: consider this the P.C. Farewell Tour 2012.

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Joe Albertan said...

It "may" be legal according to Elections Alberta but the rest of us find this very unethical. I'm not so sure this is entirely legal.

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