The Time for Tolerance is Over

I watched an interview on the news this morning of a local university political science professor.  Regarding the perceived 'backlash' and 'hatred' shown towards Muslims in our post-9/11 society, he went to great lengths to explain how a 'small group of small-minded individuals' are responsible for the alleged feelings of hatred and prejudice.

His message was that an imagined wave of anti-Muslim sentiment has washed over the free world, caused by the ignorance of a handful of over-reacting, uneducated fools.

The professor is a perfect example of the whitewash we've endured since September 12, 2001.  Ever since a group of radical Islamists hijacked some airplanes, purposefully used them as weapons, and flew them into some buildings, we have been told not to mention - or believe - the truth.

From the mass media to our government to our schools, we have repeatedly heard the droning mantra that we must be 'respectful' and 'tolerant'; that not all Muslims follow Islam; that not all who follow Islam want to kill us.

Like those who are responsible for the anti-Muslim backlash are few in numbers, we are told, so the terrorists are but a minuscule section of Islam. 

They read the Q'aran wrong.  They've misinterpreted it.  They are little more than an annoyance, and it would be wrong to paint all of Islam with the same brush.

Tell that to the 2977 murder victims of 9/11.

Ten years after that horrific day has shown the results of the program of tolerance.  We hear of schools in Canada and the U.S. that have instituted a special prayer time for Muslims while banning any and all references to Christmas.  We see our local state and provincial governments floating Sharia law trial balloons.  We witness our courts, led by leftwing judges, ignore their duty to interpret the law and instead instill their own Sharia-inspired judgments.  We see the Canadian equivalent of kangaroo courts - the so-called Human Rights Commissions - used as a tool and flooded with complaints by Muslims who feel 'offended'.

As we continue to be smothered by the call to be 'tolerant' and 'accepting', we see the very people we are supposed to be tolerant of expressing their own style of tolerance:

If you need an example of a city all but lost to the effects of multiculturalism, look no further than London.

The 'tolerance' in kind shown by Muslims stands at 17727 - that's the number of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists since 9/11.

The decade after the 9/11 attacks has proven that the policy of pretending the bad guys aren't the bad guys has failed.  The time for tolerance is over.  It is past time we learned the lessons of 9/11, shed the bonds of political correctness and multiculturalism, and recognized the reality for what it is.

Our governments must instill policies designed to secure our nations from the very real threat.  During the Second World War, Canada had internment camps for our Japanese citizens.  While I do not call for this to be repeated for our Muslim population, the fact remains there are several Islamic terror cells operating in the country and it is the responsibility of our government to do all it can to locate and eliminate these threats, even if it means stepping on the toes of the 'tolerant'.

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