Saudi's Try to Censor Canadian Television With Lawsuit Threats

A commercial by the non-profit organization Ethicaloil.org which calls out Saudi Arabia for their human rights and woman's rights record has drawn the ire of the Arab kingdom. 

The ad makes the point that it is more 'ethical' to get oil from a source located in a free, open and democratic society like the Alberta oil sands than it is to fund oppressive Arab states to the tune of billions.

With a stunning encroachment on Canada's sovereignty and an attempt of foreign censorship, the nation that was home to the majority of 9/11 hijackers and the birthplace of Usama bin Laden has threatened Canadian broadcasters with massive lawsuits unless they refrain from airing the factual ad.

The national taxpayer-funded (to the tune of 1.1 billion per year) CBC capitulated in near-record speed.  The private CTV network has also decided to bend over for their new Sharia-driven masters, and with the exception of a small discussion segment on the issue - where the airheaded host actually questioned if Canada was 'that much more' ethical that Saudi Arabia! - has also not shown the commercial.

Only the young Sun News Network has stood tall against the threat of a massively expensive lawsuit (read: blackmail) and has broadcast the ad without hesitation. 

Perhaps the only thing more troubling than the idea of a barbaric, backwards country like Saudi Arabia having the audacity to tell Canadians what we can and can't see on our television screens is being witness to Canadian media outlets falling into submission like so many dominoes.

While the CBC, CTV and other dhimmi networks skin their knees working in their new prayer rugs, there are other ways to circumvent this intrusive attempt at censorship.  Like, say, the internet...

The fact is the free world has to use oil.  There just is no practical, universal, Gore-approved substitute as yet developed. 

So until we make that miraculous dilithium crystal discovery on an asteroid, the decision we must make is this: do we want to get our oil from oppressive, terror-sponsoring regimes or from the safe, secure, ethical oil sands of Canada?

Video link (email to others - fight censorship): http://youtu.be/1SjZlqbDudI

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