Environmental Rally Causes Mass Yawning Epidemic

Imagine you threw a party and no one showed up. That’s how members of the environazi movement must feel after Monday’s anti-oil sands protest at the Parliament grounds in Ottawa.

Billed as ‘the biggest environmental demonstration in Canadian history’ with thousands of protestors expected to attend, what actually resulted were a few hundred people showing up.

In theatrical terms, the show was a flop.

The media, instead of filling the papers and televisions with reports of a massive protest, is instead dissecting the failed event with numerous theories as to what happened. Gang Green must also be wondering.

Someone forget to tweet? Not enough unemployed people with time to kill?

Perhaps the reason for the low turnout is credibility. Everyday Canadians have heard the message from these protesters. Some agree, some don’t, but we all get what they are trying to say.

But what exactly were they speaking out against? The proposed Keystone pipeline? The oil sands? Oil in general?

The fact is Canadians have grown tired of the cheap publicity stunts enacted by groups such as Greenpeace. Their message has been lost, overshadowed by the circus-like antics of the tree-hugging crowd.

We have realized that many of the claims made by the green movement are just plain false. They claim that the Keystone pipeline has had major oil leaks and has already become a hazard. This is amazing, since the Keystone hasn’t been built yet. (They confuse two pipelines.)

They claim their current cause célèbre, the Keystone, will cost Canadians jobs when the truth is it will create a large number of jobs on both sides of the border.

We hear claims that the term ‘ethical oil’ is a myth. Would they rather Canada gets its oil from Saudi Arabia, where women are treated like chattel? Every barrel of oil from Alberta’s oil sands that is sold to the U.S. takes one barrel of Saudi blood-oil out of the marketplace. That’s a pretty big victory for human rights.

Environmentally speaking, Canada has top-drawer regulations. The Saudi’s don’t, yet the greens attack Canadian oil as being ‘dirty’.

We have learned that much of the money that funds these enviro-groups comes from foreign sources, often from large scale corporations who are in competition with Canada’s energy sector. It makes one wonder if these protesters are nothing but useful idiots for foreign interests.

Most Canadians now look at the environmental movement with growing indifference and with an allegation of hypocrisy. How many protesters walked or biked to the rally? How many environuts, who repeatedly demand the rest of us live as they tell us to, follow their own advice at home?

How many air miles and frequent flyer points has David Suzuki accumulated? How big is Al Gore’s carbon footprint now?

Look, practically everyone loves the environment. How can we not when we live in such a beautiful and blessed nation as Canada? But people are also practical.

The logic of the environmentalists resembles a block of Swiss cheese. They want the world to move away from ‘big oil’ and towards a ‘clean’ energy source. Great idea. So where is this new, abundant source of energy that the world can switch to?

There isn’t one. So much for their Technicolor dream.

Canadian’s view of environmentalist has become one of growing distain. No matter what their stated cause, we have come to the realization that these protesters are not speaking out against oil in one rally, human rights the next.

Their target is corporate globalization, plain and simple. Yet they offer no alternatives.

They have based their conclusions and formed their opinions on faulty and misleading information. Their argument just doesn’t hold water.

Science is proving that global warming ...er, climate change may just be a naturally occurring phenomenon and the man has had little or no tangible impact. We don’t have all the information yet – we, none of us, really knows for sure.

Given this, we can’t see the need to join a protest anchored in highly questionable theories and claims.

So when we hear of an impending environmental rally-to-end-all-rallies, Canadians greet the news with a collective yawn.

The environazi’s will try to blame the government, the media, or any other convenient target for their dwindling numbers, when the truth is the finger should be pointed at themselves.

Protest movements born out of emotion in place of concrete facts have a short shelf life. When that same movement suffers from credibility issues, people turn away in droves.

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