Gilles Caron Wins, Trudeau's Ghost Giggles

A long anticipated court case was decided today, and the possible ramifications to the province of Alberta are staggering.

I first wrote about a self-described so-called ‘Alberta Francophone’ and his lawyer (also Francophone – surprise!) who were attempting to use a $54 traffic ticket – in case you didn’t catch that, I said a $54 traffic ticket – as a vehicle to launch a self-gratifying attack on Alberta’s laws and our culture back in 2006.

Claiming the ticket was unconstitutional (a favorite buzzword for idiots who can’t come up with an actual reason) because it was printed in English only, Gilles Caron and his crusading cohort, lawyer Rupert Badais sought to not only have this charge overturned, but gleefully intended to ‘take it all the way to the Supreme Court’ in needed.

Kind of makes you wonder what Mr. Badais thinks about Quebec’s Bill 101? You know, that piece of racist legislation that dictates French be the only visible public language on the streets of La Belle Province. Odd that he hasn’t spoken out against such an unconstitutional law…..

Today, Provincial court Judge (and someone obviously in dire need of a lobotomy) Leo Wenden allowed the attack on Alberta’s culture with his idiotic ruling in favor of Caron, and with that ruling the forced bilingualism of Alberta has officially begun.

In a nation where around 25% of the citizens categorize themselves as ‘French’, and a province where that number is drastically lower than that, we find ourselves now force-fed a different language and a different culture.

And people wonder why I am an Alberta separatist.

It is yet another example of the French language and culture being rammed down our throats. French immersion schools and numerous French language television channels aren’t enough. Now it’s the legal system’s turn, and Hizoner Leo took full advantage.

Trudeau must be pirouetting in his grave.

The spotlight now turns to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. He was recently given an avalanched-sized majority in the Legislature on the strength of, among other things, the vow to stand up for Alberta. He has vowed to stare down any interference in our province, be they economic or cultural, from Ottawa and the Eastern socialist horde.

His government’s response to this issue must be swift and decisive. What is at stake is no longer just a traffic ticket – Caron, Badias and Judge Wenden have collectively seen to that. The very fabric of Alberta’s culture is at stake.

Depending on how many morons of different ethnic backgrounds there are in the province, this could spiral into infinity.

Simple tickets will soon be the size of phone books in order to pacify every whinny, snivlling, attention-grabbing pantywaist like Gilles Caron.

I mean, in the name of Canadian political correctness and classic Canuck liberalism, what’s to stop a Native Canadian from protesting that his ticket wasn’t printed in his native language? What about a Ukrainian-Canadian?
In fact, I look forward to getting busted for taking my Magnum to about 195km/h on the highway, no seat-beat and sucking back a Guinness. If that ticket isn’t printed in the required Gaelic, I’ll see you in court.


Francis said...

You're a Moron. The French language is protected in Alberta by the Constitution. That's because Alberta was part of the North West Territories at that time. French is not protected by the constitution in Ontario and Manitoba. Move there if you absolutely want your government to be English only.

Al said...

Well, Francis, we are NOT part of the Northwest Territories now. We have grown up and with becoming a province, maybe we should have the same protection as other provinces. Telling people to leave if they don't like something here sidesteps debate and mandates the status quo-----not exactly a "grown up" approach.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

Fancy Francis is obviously unaware of the Alberta law which states that legal documents in provincial court cases do not have to be in French, but are required to be in English.

Instead of 'moving' to another province (which will also inevitably fall to the bilingual sword), I'll stay right here and continue to speak out against the pervasively-liberal/socialist mindset of 'morons' such as Francis.

- Leigh.

Cap'n Chris said...

Force fed? Rammed down your throat?
You can still walk around anywhere other than a few select communities and continue to pretend that French doesn't exist if you so choose. This case is about basic language protections for one of the principal founding groups of this country (in law) and albeit kind of awkward that it comes hand in hand with a traffic violation, it is his right to challenge his government in their error.

If you wish to continue in your xenophobic, sheltered bubble, by all means do so, but don't pretend like you're a victim of "bombardment" of the french language. You probably had to suffer through grade 4-6 french like most Alberta students, and then you could peacefully forget all of it with some junior-high binge drinking. French immersion schools are an opportunity for albertan/canadian children not only to learn about more of their country and increase their potential economic opportunities, but it helps them become better learners, and perhaps (God-forbid), better closet bigots like yourself.

Jasmine Jane said...

I am reading this in 2010 when this case is now finding its way to the Supreme Court. What an utter waste of my tax dollars. Mr. Caron clearly has a major ego problem. Having accomplished little in his life and learned even less (we speak English in Alberta, not French), he and his silly lawyer are trying desperately to insert some much-needed meaning in it. If Caron, the uneducated, can't read his ticket in English then we'll provide him with someone who can but to profile this case as some high-minded "rights" issue is pure bunkum. You might be able to sell that to lazy, French bums but not to busy Albertans who are too busy paying taxes to bother with illiterate truck drivers. It is purely and simply a petty attack on a system that has pandered to the very tiny French bump on the ass of our Canadian humanity far too long.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

Cap'n, you've obviously missed the point of the article. This opens the door for a flood of lawsuits and ultimately French everywhere in public in the province. French opens the door to 'increases potential economic opportunities'? Really? Perhaps for people such as yourself who believe we should ALL be working for the feds, but not us here in Alberta.

Sorry you didn't catch the article's point the first time. Next time I'll type slower.

Maya said...

If Alberta wants to be English-only, then why can't Quebec be French only?
Beside, read up your erroneous laws: English can be written in Quebec anywhere, French has to be either bigger or the SAME size. (remember, tourism?) My wife is American and living in montreal and having no problem communicating in English only, after 3 years.

Second, the Bloc isn't very separatist and even if they were really hardcore about it, there is nothing they can do about it: it would have to come from a provincial level government.

Ignorance is bliss.
Reform Party was a separatist movement in Alberta and now it is called the Conservative Party of Canada. Do your research, don't be bigoted. The internet is easy to use.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan said...

Maya - your problem is that you speak without knowing the facts. The Reform party's slogan was 'The West Wants In' - not very separatist, now is it?

Just another Quebec apologist.

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